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    About Gear 49 

    Justin Peck, the founder of Gear 49, has successfully competed in professional bodybuilding competitions, winning trophies in his class. He is also a personal trainer and has been part of the sports nutrition industry for almost 15 years. He has extensive knowledge in product formulation and diet and nutrition. Justin is also the owner and driver at Racepro Technologies, an off-road race team that competes in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and the Best In The Desert Racing Series. His passion for motorsports and sports nutrition are now brought together with Gear 49—MotorSports Nutrition. 

    What's in a Name?

    Justin's father drove a truck for a living. His handle was #9. Unfortunately, at an early age he was taken from Justin and his family by cancer. Since then, Justin has always said that he races "for #9" and therefore drives under the number 49. Gear 49 is the gearhead's brand, for #9.

    Why Choose Gear 49?

    Gear 49 was created by racers, gearheads and motorsports enthusiasts. Many don't understand how physically demanding and exhausting our sports can be. We do. Our purpose at Gear 49 is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements with the most beneficial results possible for those who love motorsports.

     Our products deliver the smoothest, healthiest and most powerful energy with no crash and no jitters. Combined with an extended nitric oxide release that lasts all day, there isn't a better product for working out in the gym or spending a long day at the track or on the trail. Smooth energy equals fast racing with Gear 49 MotorSports Nutrition.